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UFC Training

The UFC has taken the world by storm. This mixed martial arts event has captured the attention of fans of all ages and genders.  The conditioning that UFC athletes go through in order to prepare for a fight is not for the weak.  MMA training programs are all over the Internet and unfortunately most of them are designed to part a fool with his money.  Cardio and strength conditioning are some of the components that go into the training of an MMA fighter that is designed to promote spirit and endurance. When it comes right down to it, it is spirit and endurance that win matches.  Most athletes train in similar methods. It is the fight in their soul that sets them apart from the pack.

MMA is a very demanding and diverse sport that places a great deal of physical demands on those who practice it.  MMA fighters don’t just need to be strong or powerful or have amazing stamina – they need all three of those things all the time.  Because of this, UFC fighters train using a very specific and demanding set of training methods designed to build power and endurance in the fighter.  It’s not that a UFC training program needs to be very complicated, it just needs to address the specific MMA requirements to meet the needs for power and stamina that UFC fighters need.

A UFC training routine should start out building strength as strength is at the core of just about every sport, but very specifically is very important in any MMA endeavor.  The next part of the puzzle to add is speed. Where would an MMA fighter be without the speed to deflect his opponent’s move and get moves of his own in?  Cardio workouts that emphasize speed and stamina are well suited to a UFC training routine. 

Think about the classic Rocky films and how Rocky Balboa trained. It was all about strength, power and speed. This is what your MMA training routine should be about. It is all about becoming stronger, faster and having more stamina than your opponent.  An MMA fighter needs to maintain his strength, power and endurance at an even level throughout the match.  You can’t come out strong and fade – you’ve got to keep up the intensity for the entire fight.

Remember, the key to MMA training it do develop your strength, your speed and your power.  You can achieve this though cardio and long training sessions focused on strength and power. Take to the road and run. Increase the lengths of your runs. Lift more weights. Work out longer and harder and more often. Truly condition your body to become an elite machine.  That’s the UFC way.


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