{uhv} {in-ter-ist}
something that concerns, involves, draws the attention of, or arouses the curiosity of a person...
the power of exciting such concern, involvement, etc…

Workplace Diversity

Workplace diversity can drive a business in ways that few other things can.  Diversity brings about different life experiences, cultural experiences and creative processes.  Having employees with culturally diverse backgrounds makes a company stronger. Companies that recognize this and have integrated diversity into their company policy stand a much larger chance of succeeding in today’s global marketplace than companies who don’t understand the importance of diversity.  Today’s marketplace is a global one and companies interact with different countries and cultures every day. Having employees who understand the significant cultural differences between the United States and other nations gives a company a distinct competitive advantage.
There are many ways a diverse workforce contributes to the success of a business. Consider creativity.  When people from different cultures enter the equation, you have different ways of solving issues.  The more diverse the backgrounds of your team, the more ways your company will have of approaching and solving problems.  When your entire workforce is, for example, American – the differing viewpoints they bring to the table will all reflect common cultural markers and similar upbringings.

If your company services in several languages, it is far more effective to utilize employees who are natives of the countries of the language origin.  For example, when servicing in Italian, an employee who grew up in Italy will bring the culture into your service.  This cannot be accomplished when utilizing an American that learned Italian in an American school.
Because of this expanded approach to solving problems, businesses that employ a workforce that is diverse see productivity increase.  When people from different cultures work together towards a single goal they inspire each other as they learn from each other during the process.  With the move towards a global economy, foreign executives have great success in the American corporate culture. The point of view and insight they can provide for dealing with a global marketplace is invaluable.

It almost goes without saying that a diverse workforce brings new attitudes to the office.  Once again, different cultures bring different perspectives in play. The melding of the aggressive American corporate culture with other cultures who handle business differently has many advantages for a business.  The point of views and cultural perspectives that diversity will contribute to the success of your business are unparalleled in any other hiring practice or arena.


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