{uhv} {in-ter-ist}
something that concerns, involves, draws the attention of, or arouses the curiosity of a person...
the power of exciting such concern, involvement, etc…

Charitable Contributions

It is hard to take a look at the things going on in our world today and not feel a drive to contribute, volunteer and give back to communities around the world.  Earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, disease and poverty are but a few of the issues facing the people of the world. In a time when a community cannot help themselves, it is our responsibility as human beings to offer them a helping hand up, to help them get back on their feet and back to their lives.  That said, with so many good causes to give time and money to, how do you choose what is right?

Take stock of what is important to you, where you find your attention being drawn.  For example, if the environment is important, choose environmental issues.  If cancer is important, and you do not support animal testing, choose a cancer research charity that does not test on animals.  Before donating, do some homework.  Learn the exact percentage of every dollar that goes to the cause (after administration).  If a tax deduction is important to you, make sure your selected charity is recognized by the IRS as a tax-deductible charity [a 501(c)(3) organization].

From donations to organizations to help disaster relief in Japan to opportunities like building a home for a needy family with Habitat for Humanity – there are literally thousands of opportunities and ample causes that need help.  From dog and cat rescues groups that need both time and donations for shelter and medical care to volunteering at a soup kitchen, the opportunities to give back are literally endless.

When the massive earthquake hit Haiti, people donated money and goods in record amounts to help out. From tents to cases of water, charities made it easy for people to buy the goods needed on Amazon and have them shipped to Haiti.  On Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day many people have a tradition of serving meals in a soup kitchen.  Still others open their wallets and write a check to help a cause near and dear to them.  Any and all methods of charitable giving – whether it is of your time or your money – is a wonderful thing to do for the people of our world who may find themselves less fortunate for a time being.

Many charitable contributions are tax deductible.  Charitable contributions of time and effort are just simply good for your soul. 

It is healthy to take a step out of your own life and give back to the community from time to time.  Charitable activity brings a wholesome balance to our lives and reminds us how lucky we are.


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